Paul Lay  "The Party" & "Alcazar Memories" (Sortie le 17 février 2017)


  "Here are the third and fourth albums by pianist-composer Paul Lay on Laborie Jazz. A tale of fidelity between an artist and his label, a tale of patience, for an artist who has been able to integrate with numerous groups by always giving the best of himself, which actually delighted everyone, a tale of role in which, right from the start, Paul and the label have known and tamed constantly changing territories, mutually enriching prospects for the sole purpose of stunning the audience(s) with a harmony that only strives towards pleasure and beauty."JM Leygonie - Laborie Jazz


Paul Lay Trio "The Party"

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I have developed this repertoire as a musical illustration of cinema scenes unfolding during a party. There is joy, lightness, unexpectedness.
The excitement of enjoying
each other’s company.
Each piece characterizes a person, a situation, or an eye contact,
a dance, and many other movements. A party is also
an opportunity to watch
the mask game: everyone’s complex ego mirrors differently according to the situations,
in order to get the group’s support. These opportunities to gather reflect our own identity, the multiple facets of our personality, our own image, our flaws, our repressions, our projections, our fantasies, confronting our reality to that
of others.
— Paul Lay

Paul Lay "Alcazar Memories"

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A voice, a piano, a double bass.
It was the sound I had in mind for
this repertoire of songs and poems that Nature and its riches can inspire me,
in order to create various atmospheres and a music that is both dense and aerial. All these pieces celebrate this Nature,
its strength, its variety, but they also describe Man and his feelings through love songs.